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Barcode Scanners

A barcode scanner is an essential tool to increase your FBA efficiency. The desktop ones are easy to use and a cinch to install - just plug and play with no software required.

Desktop - Symbol

I bought a (used) Symbol LS2208 when I needed a second barcode scanner, and I highly recommend it.

Amazon - Symbol LS2208

eBay -

Desktop - Generic

When I started using FBA I purchased the inexpensive scanner linked below. I found it to work reliably, but does not have the build quality of a more expensive unit.

Amazon - Barcode Scanner

Portable - Scanfob 2002

A Scanfob 2002 is an excellent tool for mobile product evaluation. I use mine with Profit Bandit on an Android. The best place to purchase one (for both warranty and support) is Serial IO.

Serial IO - Scanfob 2005

Amazon - Scanfob 2002

eBay -

I wrote an article that talks more about the Scanfob 2002 / OPN-2002.

Note: the Amazon and eBay links on this page are affiliate links, I receive compensation if you click and buy.



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